KANSO Audio Furniture
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Simplicity + Clarity
The Zen principle of "Kanso" means simplicity, or the absence of anything superfluous. When concepts or objects are reduced to their essence, the result is greater clarity and accessibility.

Kanso Audio Furniture is made by hand, using only the finest hand-selected woods joined without nails or screws. By combining precise, old world craftsmanship, simple yet elegant aesthetics and advanced vibration control techniques, Kanso offers the audiophile a unique combination of virtues to complete a high end system.

We ask a real-world question:
Why can't the home for your valued components be beautiful and universally appealing while it enhances the sonic performance of your audio system? Too often, high end rack systems parlay steel and glass into an austere presence in the listening environment. Kanso's exclusive use of hand-picked solid woods and spectacular finishes assures that our modular-inspired designs will be welcomed into any room of your home. Our attention to vibration control techniques guarantees that there is complete isolation for everything placed in our furniture.

See you at RMAF in Denver, CO.
October 7th-9th, 2016.


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